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Inconsistent streaks!

Hello fellow Duolinguists!

<pre> This discussion is meant to appeal to those that have taken to Duolingo as a competition to reach Level 25, by maintaining a constant influx of XPs in the process of learning that secondary language so vital to your eternal happiness. It is with these words that I open my exhortation on the mistreatment of my beloved French game streak on the mobile application of this miraculous service! I am not simply lamenting the disappearance of the consistent green of my progress chart, but I want to bring awareness to this horrendous misfortune as a call for technical reform within the codified structure of the service. I don't understand how my French XPs were unaccounted for in a two-days window in which I was able to finish a lesson and contributed to the translations of some Wikipedia documents. I hope you sympathize with me in acknowledge that this situation (losing a 54 day streak) is a bit frustrating! I know what some of you may say, "It's not about the XPs or streaks or hearts, it's about you grasping the concept of said language", but I got carried away. I just want this glitch to be brought to the attention of the masterminds. </pre>


A despairing Duolinguist

P.S. Mind you, I am typing this at midnight, having just finished a tedious read of the work of a Medieval philosopher

P.P.S. I love this service, ¬°Es el mejor servicio del internet!

January 30, 2015



Streaks are disappearing a lot now. Hopefully it won't happen any more because it's quite frustrating when someone loses something due to a glitch.


I lost my streak online, on my phone app, but NOT on my ipad app...I've been so frustrated! Emailed Support when I first realized the error and have not heard from them or had the situation rectified. Why give us a way to motivate ourselves if they can't ensure its accuracy?!?


I just had the same issue on mine as well. I even lost my wager because of it. I had a 4 day streak going and then on the fifth day I decided to try out the Iphone App. It let me work till it said I had the 5 day streak going and so I stopped for the day. Now today (day 6) I went to get on the website version on my computer and my streak is gone and I have failed my wager. It is somewhat discouraging. I hope it gets fixed.

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