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  5. "The suit."

"The suit."

Translation:An chulaith.

January 30, 2015



So is culaith a feminine noun then? Having genders on these words would really help with lenition. Or maybe I'm wrong about why this is lenited .


No, you're right. It's femine


So you're telling me, the word for an outfit of clothing worn predominantly by men... is feminine?

Okay, Irish. Okay.


If this startles you, Spanish will have you burst out laughing. In Spanish, a penis is feminine, and lady bits are masculine.


Damien27a, Spanish is my mother tongue and gender has its own logic too, so don't feel you have to apologize for Irish.


Probably similar to why all ships are women


I know this has probably been asked elsewhere but how do you know if a word is feminine?


I've seen on the course of lenition in the comments of a question that it was determined by how the word ends. I don't have all of them in minde but I remember that, for example, all the words that end in -og are feminine, as well as the words that end in -lann

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