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Record questions not showing the current state[firefox]

In Chrome whenever there's a question which prompts to record the phrase it has a box underneath which shows the current state of the transcription you are doing;

I changed to Firefox to use the Duolingo User Scripts, but when doing those question, the only thing that appears is the blue circle to record/stop. The box with the progress is not showing.

Inspecting it further I noted that in chrome it uses the "challenge-cell chrome-speech" (which have a "player speech-underlined", the box I'm talking about ) . While in Firefox it uses the "challenge-cell" (which doesn't have the said box).

So it clearly show that Firefox is using a 'generalized' template, while Chrome is using a custom template.

I wonder if this is happens only here, or Firefox really doesn't have that feature. Anyone knows?

January 30, 2015



Thank you. Too bad firefox doesn't have it, it's a neat feauture and can helps alot, since the recognition fails sometimes, and you have to say it again and again, until you notice that it won't happen and you have to skip it.

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