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When will the iOS app be updated?

The iOS app is lacking some features that I think are great:

  1. Tips and notes

  2. Strength bar instead of losing hearts

  3. Report a problem (present in the Android app).

When will the iOS app be updated to include these?

PS: Oh, and immersion would be nice to have in the app too! But the above three points might be the most important for Duolingo's core functionality.

January 30, 2015



I have just downloaded an update for iOS v8.2.0 and it has none of your wants. It does allow you to use your phone for the Schools facility and also to learn Swedish. But the hearts are still there and I could not see anything to report a problem. It is almost as if there are separate mobile teams and they do not talk to each other.

I cannot see them releasing another update within the next month.


It would seem so.

One of Duolingo's most criticised aspects is that it tells you nothing about how the grammar of your language works. Which is why it's so ming-boggling that they could have Tips and Notes on the web that are all about grammar, and not immediately roll it out to their mobile apps or at least tell mobile users, "Hey, this is a learning resource that exists, so check it out." I only learned about it from another Duolinguist.


I have these on my ipad app. I only get the hearts when I try to test out of a level.


Just checked my app, and mine is still the same; no strength bar, no extra features. If I access the Duolingo website itself on the iPad, though, of course I do have the strength bar.

I can only hope they are doing split testing of the implementation of this feature, and I am temporarily left out.

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