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Grade report

The new grade report (which I receive since yesterday) doesn't work for me.

Daily I tried to do about 100 points for a language, but that doesn't work any more, because I no longer get the points of my translations.

Then the report itself. It shows translations with 0x red, 0x yellow, 1x green, which a normal human being would understand as 100% perfect ratings. The system, on the contrary, concludes: "You didn’t get enough good ratings." I don't see how this is a usefull report.

This change actually really demotivates me to do translations any more. I hope the people of Duolingo will read this and changes this. I think I won't be the only one who considers to stop doing real world translations.

November 21, 2012



I don't receive grade reports any more, nor points of my translations. Already for some days I earn totally nothing for my translations. At the moment I even don't get any coins for rating translations, even if I agree with others or if I am the first one to rate. Do you have an idea when this will be fixed?


I have the exact same problem, In not one way I receive points for rating translations. Is there a way to fix this?


Are you sure you're not getting the points? There seems to be a problem with the display of the daily scores, but if you look at your total number of points it does go up. Please let us know, since this will help us diagnose the problem.


I tried it again and something seems to have changed since yesterday. I did some translation and rating in Portuguese. My today coin stack jumped from 68 to 88 (+20), while my overall total jumped from 26829 to 26834 (+5). Maybe the difference between those two could help you find out what's happening?

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last grade report on the 20th Nov; - No obtuviste buenas calificaciones de otros usuarios. examples:

2 bad; 4 good; 1 excellent - no points

0 bad; 2 good; 0 excellent - no points

0 bad; 4 good; 6 excellent - 9 points

I do not understand how Duolingo´s rating works !! It seems to me Duolingo keeps its users guessing what their rating and/or translation points are.


What is the problem here? The first two were not rated highly, and the third was.

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@Luis; all over the world there are different ways of rating performance; I know for example of a color coding system similar to Duolingo (?): red=no count/not acceptable/no points; yellow=count/acceptable/1 point; green=count/acceptable/maybe 2 points; if a user has 50% of the skill points, she/he gets the percentage multiplied by the max. points of a sentence... (this is just a suggestion;)

the point I try to get across is that I do not know how Duolingo attributes scores, which in turn helps me understand if I am on the right track or not, if I should go back to an extra vocabulary session or if I have a realistic chance to score in the next sentence.



Thanks for letting us know! We'll fix this soon.


I went into settings and turned the email notification of that report off. I do not need it. I already know I cannot translate well :) And most of the people that are grading it at best only know slightly more or less than I do. I do not trust their judgment no more than I trust my own.


yeah, I was wondering about my points back.... I haven't recieved them yet

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@rocko2012; I agree; the unfounded belief in the wisdom of the crowd versus the wisdom of the experts kills the fun translation exercises and leads to demotivation.

@Luis; I tried to pass on some criticism about weaknesses in translation and the grade report on to Duolingo, but criticism seems to fall on deaf ears lately; maybe the new threaded structure in "Questions" (which I am not receiving as yet) will help the discussion... but 6 months of experience with Duolingo makes me vey skeptical


Thanks for these comments. We're definitely working towards improving the translation experience. That said, there are only two viable ways for us to give you feedback on real-world translations: (1) computer feedback, which we had before and many people complained about because it sometimes doesn't accept different ways of saying the same thing; (2) feedback from others, which we now use.

According to our internal metrics, feedback from others is more accurate, so we're sticking with it for now. We understand it's still not perfect, but we hope to get there soon.

As per criticism falling on deaf ears. We do try to listen to everybody, but you have to understand that there are less than 20 of us and more than half a million users, who often ask for opposite things from each other -- some want more listening exercises, some wants less, etc.


I know you are not deaf for feedback. In the past months I reported a lot of errors in the lessons and almost daily I receive messages that you fixed one of these.

Did you consider to make some of the changes optional, so that a user has the possibility to switch back to the old way?


This has been considered, but keeping multiple versions of the site running adds a lot of complexity, so we would strongly prefer not doing this.

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Thanks Luis; I am sure you and your team always work very hard to improve Duolingo; my criticism about feedback falling on deaf ears was not about getting no feedback at all but about the fact that Duolingo implicitely insist that the quality of learning language depends only on a "like - don´t like" procedure. A few clarifying remarks from you would help me understand what kind of user feedback is accepted and which is not.

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