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"Ella nos va a mostrar su casa."

Translation:She is going to show us her house.

August 6, 2013

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Is mostrarnos correct usage? Thanking you in advance for your reply.


Yes it is correct in this form: Ella va a mostrarnos su casa


I know "nos" is used with reflexive verbs but I don't understand why it's used here. Can someone please explain. Thanks


Nos is an object pronoun, it can be reflexive, direct or indirect, in this sentence, it is an indirect object, the verb mostrar is transitive, that means it requires a direct object, that would be su casa, that means she will show her house, now you have to answer: who is she showing it to? the answer is to us, so you have to use the indirect object nos. Remember that sometimes transitive verbs have implicit objects, so even if the object doesn't appear in the sentence, you still have to use the IOP. I'm not sure if this explanation is too vague, but I think it'll do for now.


"she is going to demonstrate her house to us." didn't work. I'm going to lay by my dish, take a break and try again :)


To demonstrate means that she is showing how it functions. That would be "demostrar" in Spanish. It is an odd thing to say about a house.


Can this mean "She will show us your house"?


Yes, same as "his house" or "their house".


And yet DL marked me wrong. Apparently she won't show us his house, but rather her house. Grrrr...


Without further context, the assumption is that she is showing her own house, but the same sentence can mean that it is someone else's house.


Is it just me or she read this a freaking mile a minute


¿Cómo se dice: 《she is going to show it to us》en inglés?

Ella nos la va a mostrar


Ella va a mostrarnosla?


so just curious. Would it also be grammatically correct to say ella va a mostrarnos su casa?


This question was already answered in the comments. It was the last comment right before yours, actually. Please read before you post.

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Hello Dellabitzke. «Ella va a mostrarnos su casa» is correct.


Im not so sure

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