How to use ff/even/effe?

I'm kinda embarrassed to ask this again because I remember someone answered it extremely thoroughly for me in another topic I posted but I have searched and searched and cannot find it.

I don't understand how to use even (ff/effe/whatever you wanna call it)... I know it make stuff sound more polite, but it's really hard for me to understand in colloquial writing. I play on a Dutch Minecraft server and they all use ff/effe/even like twice per sentence and it bugs me that I can't figure it out from context lol. I was able to understand lekker/wel/gewoon from context, but I can't figure out even.

If someone could give me some examples and explanation, I'd be greatly appreciative & would share some lingots! :D

1/30/2015, 7:22:17 AM

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We talked about it here!

1/30/2015, 7:40:06 AM

How did you find it omg

I searched literally for a good 5 or 10 minutes in my followed topics and with the search function and couldn't find it... >_<

But thanks! Finding it for me deserves a lingot lol.

1/30/2015, 7:50:58 AM
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Very helpful explanations in the other thread! Thanks for linking it from here... The search function sometimes does not seem up to the task.

1/30/2015, 8:34:28 AM
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