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"I eat a sandwich without cheese."

Translation:Jag äter en smörgås utan ost.

January 30, 2015



So macka is also sandwich?


Yes, albeit a bit colloquial.


I would like to add that both macka and smörgås aren´t sandwiches... there is no second slice of bread on the top


Can't there be misunderstandings if "utan" can mean "without" and "but"? For example if someone says: Jag dricker inte te utan rum. - It could me "I don't drink tea without rum" or "I don't drink tea, but rum."


If anyone else has this question: I found the answer here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/5938554:

There the question was if "Hon dricker inte öl utan kaffe." can't mean "She doesn't drink beer without coffee." or how one would say this and the answer is:

"It would be the same, but the stress pattern would be a bit different in speech. If you see it in writing, you have to judge from what seems reasonable. In a sentence like this, it's more likely that it would mean "but" (we accept the other version too though), but if it were "Hon dricker inte kaffe utan socker" it could hardly mean "but", since people usually don't drink sugar."


where we use utan and utanför


Utanför is "outside of". Utan is "without" (amongst other things, it can also mean "but rather").


Smörgåsbröd is wrong? Come on!


Smörgåsbröd is sandwich bread, not sandwich.


smörgås not smörgos smörgåsbröd i think it will be right


Truly a frightening (yet heroic) feat.

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