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What is your favorite Spanish-English dictionary?

I took the advice of some others in this community and started reading books in Spanish on my Kindle. I found 2 free Spanish-English dictionaries to load but they often don't have the needed words. The reviews of the dictionaries you can purchase aren't that great either. I also found several free classics in Spanish to download to Kindle but I really need a better dictionary. And the dictionaries that come with the Kindle are single language...all Spanish or all English.

November 21, 2012



For a free option, wordreference.com is my favorite. It helps you understand the differences between each translation of a word, and provides example sentences.

For a paid option, I use the Collins dictionary from Ultralingua: http://www.ultralingua.com/products/collins-spanish-english-dictionary.html

It works offline, its fast, it has a lot idioms for each word entry, and it has a feature to conjugate verbs for you in any tense.


I always use www.pons.eu. It's a really interesting dictionary.


I also use the Ultralingua Collins Spanish dictionary (on my iPhone). It costs a bit too much I think but is very good. Most words have several example sentences which I find extremely useful.


Thanks for the q & a here - I too was looking for a good dictionary.


Thanks for those suggestions. I'm sure I'll use them both. I was trying to read some free classics available for Kindle. Once you go through whatever dictionaries you have loaded, it will also go on the web and search for a translation through Bing. But that takes a number of steps and sometimes that doesn't work either. I just wanted to load a bettere dictionary but most don't get very good reviews. Wish that Collins was available for kindle. The hard copy of the Webster Dictionary for students isn't that great either. Who would have thought finding a dictionary would be that hard! Reading this way works so nicely on the Kindle, though. They have those free early readers available.


I am still seeking my favorite dictionary.

My favorite dictionary would offer me some detailed clarification on the distinctions among words of similar meaning. For example, if I wanted to understand the differences between conseguir, obtener, and lograr, after the definition of each of these words I would find a paragraph that described the finer points of grasping how these, and perhaps a couple other related words, are distinguished one from another.

I have yet to find such a dictionary - not spanishdict, not pons.eu, not rae.es.

Do you know of any possibilities, on- or off-line?

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