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Now no translations

This morning I realized all I can do is rate other people's translations. That is the only option I see when opening an article. Now I feel like an English teacher correcting bad English grammar.

November 21, 2012



Well now I finally found some articles I was able to translate. Looks like some new changes going on.


at the moment you pretty much have to look at "recently added" to find things to translate, and they seem to be going quickly. seems like it would make sense to keep the ability to translate at least a few parts in the older texts.


I've noticed that, at least for the time being, quite a few of the very old articles (say 3 months old) actually still have quite a few of untranslated sentences. On the plus side, this provides additional material to work on. On the minus side, often the sentences that remain are quite complicated (although not always) and difficult to translate.


Oh yeah, it can also pay to look at articles that have been voted down. This is iffy of course. Sometimes articles with a few "thumb's down" have them for a reason. But, for the most part, I can't find any rhyme or reason behind why people vote articles up or down. I've seen articles that I thought were great voted down pretty hard and articles that I thought sucked voted up. Anyway, articles voted down don't appear very high in the Top Documents list, so they don't get as many eyes on them. Quite often they will still contain a fair number of sentences that need translating.

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