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  5. "Niet doen, oma!"

"Niet doen, oma!"

Translation:Don't, grandma!

January 30, 2015



Is there a specific reason why the answer "Don't do this, grandma!" is not accepted, while "Don't do that, grandma!" is correct?


Not really. The latter sounds more natural to me, whereas the former sounds like she's about to do something really radical. Other than that, not really.


Yes, "don't do that, grandma" sounds like you are (possibly?) scolding her. "Don't do this, Grandma" sounds like she is getting ready to push you off a bridge.


I would say to my gran - don't do it!- if she was about to push me off a bridge or rob a bank.

Don't do this, is more of an instruction - no exclamation mark needed. Maybe a demonstration; but then I would go with don't try this!

Easiest to stick with Don't!


Thanks! Will report next time I see it.


Why isn't there a "het" in "Niet doen"?


i believe het is mearly understood here, perhaps because this sentence is an imperative, so there's no need to write it. But check with Wicketd (up above here).


Why is the word gran not accepted? It's in common use in Britain to mean grandma.


Nan used to be allowed and now it isn't?

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