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"The girl was using the knife."

Translation:Pigen brugte kniven.

January 30, 2015



I wrote, "Pigen var i færd med at bruge kniven", but was rejected. The correct answer was, "Pigen brugte kniven", but doesn't that translate as, "The girl used the knife." ? These literal and figurative translations seem to be correct or incorrect at random, which makes them unpredictable.


You have a streak lasting six years??? Wow


That's why you can flag your answer as "should have been accepted".


Thanks, I did just that; but my comment included an open question to other users.


Does Danish never contrast sentences like 'he was fixing the roof" and "he fixed the roof"? Doesn't it lead to missunderstandings sometimes?


I wrote the wrong answer here and was rightfully rejected, but like epac-mcl, I believe that the English for the answer deemed correct is, "she used the knife." So if it's really asking for, "the girl was using the knife," it should be along the lines of, "hun var brugte kniven," or something, right? I need to go back and review the grammar in the relevant skill, but this is a grammatical structure that is in the course that they do teach.

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