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Slowing movies.

I downloaded some movies in french hoping it would help, listening with only the visuals to help get the gist of what is going on. Well that turned out not to be too successful with the speech just too rapid.

I didn't know that you could slow the movies down too till I found I could change the speed on the settings. I thought it may sound a bit weird but if you slow it down just a touch it helps heaps and I have been able to pick out much more of the words without ruining the flow of the film.

January 30, 2015



A friend of mine who went to French school said that when he started watching movies/ TV in French, it was too quick at first. He said that over time (and with practice and learning) it became easier to understand, and it eventually becomes natural.


not a bad idea, I know there is that option in VLC. I used it for audiobooks but did not think of using it with movies ;) I'll try that.

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