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  5. "Vilken vacker natur!"

"Vilken vacker natur!"

Translation:What beautiful natural scenery!

January 30, 2015



I'm not a native English speaker, so help me out here. Is not the sentence "What a beautiful nature" incorrect, in the same way as "What a dreadful traffic"? I thought the "a" was removed in English when speaking about these sort of uncountable nouns. Or would you argue that "nature" is in fact countable?


As a native English speaker, you're right. "Nature" isn't a countable noun, so "What a beautiful nature" sounds very wrong.


Yes, I flagged it as being an awkward or incorrect way to say this sentence in English. The ONLY way it would work is if you were referring to someone's nature (personality) - "She has a lovely nature." I spend too much time over thinking these things but oh well.


Good point. But that kind of nature is usually not referred to as "natur" in Swedish in any case :)


But what about a nature scenery? Scenery is countable, isn't it?


No. One scenery, two sceneries? No. "Scene" is countable, but not scenery.


Horribly late but I've changed this sentence now so that it better reflects what the Swedish sentence means. The new default translation is "What a beautiful natural scenery!", and a few other variations are also accepted now.


'What beautiful scenery' would sound much more natural in English. The ones quoted sound stilted


As a native English speaker, I would never say it the default way, either. The idiomatic way to say it is "What beautiful scenery." That it is natural is automatically assumed.


We do accept that, too, but I would translate just "scenery" into landskap virtually every single time going the other way around, so we can't use that as the default. Hence, we do need the redundancy.


Even though "what beautiful nature" sounds strange to a lot of native english speakers, as someone who has spent a lot of time studying Norwegian and now Swedish, I think that sentence sounds fine, and is something you would likely hear from a Norwegian speaking english. Can't say for sure about a Swede.

I think it is important to note that Norwegians and I'm guessing Swedes have a slightly different connotation for the English word "nature" than Americans do.

For example, if you told someone in Scandinavia you were visiting and "want to see all the beautiful nature," I don't think people would think twice about it.

I'm not sure if it makes it a "correct" sentence in english or not, but that's my two cents.


"What a beautiful natural scenery!" doesn't sound right either; scenery is not normally a count (pluralizable) noun, so you wouldn't put "a" before it.


What a beautiful natural scenery sounds more awkward to me. When "such beautiful nature" or "what beautiful nature" were accepted, I never gave it a second thought. It sounded correct English to me. I am a native English speaker.


I am a Finnish non-native English speaker, and in this context could imagine myself saying "Nature is so beautiful!" or simply "How beautiful!", leaving out nature altogether.


It's difficult to make the translation sound like something a native English speaker would say. Even "Such beautiful nature!" sounds awkward. I think the word "nature" as I understand it is usually too abstract to use in a sentence like that.


Vi maste skydda henne!


As a native English speaker, I'd be most likely to say 'What beautiful countryside!'

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