"The candies are hers."

Translation:Le caramelle sono le sue.

August 6, 2013

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After all those previous questions omitting la/le etcetera, I feel cheated! :b

Why was "La cucina e' tua" okay without the second "la" but it's wrong in this case?


It should be correct here too. Le caramelle sono sue makes perfect sense to me, and I'm Italian.

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    That just happened to me too, and no hearts left!!!

    I am now going off to cry :(



    'Sono le sue caramelle' - is that not an option?


    Should be right. But didn't accept it.


    I think the same thing.


    Agreed with the above. Not come across this rule before and it is thrown up with no explanation. Any Italian speakers can help us with this please?


    Le sue can mean his, or hers, or its, depending on context. Without context the translator of the sentence gets to choose. That is because -

    Possessive pronouns must agree in gender with what they are possessing.

    È il suo gatto It is her/his cat

    È la sua birra It is her/his beer

    È lo suo zucchero It is her/his sugar


    Why sono instead of è ?


    "The candies," which is the sentence's subject, is plural, so you need a plural verb. "The candies" can be replaced with "they" - and "sono" goes with "they," or anything in 3rd person pl.


    Grazie mille Bernadetterc


    Caramele is pleural so sono/are. Caramela would be è/is


    I think you should be careful about the emphasis. Usually when you want to emphasis the owner you will double the article: "Le caramele sono le sue.", which is also implied in English sentence. Otherwise it would be: "They are her candies." and the more appropriate translation in this case would be: "Sono le caramele sue."

    But yeah .... sth I feel the same , as duolingo would make this rules very arbitrary .....


    Is there a way to distinguish hers from his?


    You can say, "Le caramelle sono di lei/lui".


    Why not "Le sue caramelle"? Means: her candies and that means the candies are hers


    To my understanding, the given translation "le caramelle sono LE sue" means "THIS candy is his/hers" which ist not the sames what has been asked.


    Why not 'la sua` here, as 'hers' is referring to a single female?


    But "le caramelle" is plural, that's why.

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      Ok can some one help... many times le sue refers to his but not this time,, how to tell which is which please.?


      Getting ready for halloweeenn


      So in this case, you use a plural for the person (le sue) even though you're referring to a single person?


      This thing is so fickle. The last sentence I had was "la farfalla è sua," so I used the same pattern (le caramelle sono sue) and it said it was wrong, sould have been "...sono LE sue."


      Typo typo typo .....obviously!

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