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Hubby has to translate from English and speak into microphone, but I only ever get asked to repeat

My husband and I just started learning Italian. I've noticed that he sometimes has to translate from the English and speak into the microphone. However, I NEVER get a question like this. When I do it I only have to imitate the Italian, I never have to translate from the English and then speak into the microphone. Why is this?

January 30, 2015



There have been a few requests asking for the ability to translate from English into your target language. Up until now this has not been available.

However, this may be part if another A/B test with your husband in the trial group. I don't know of course but that is a possibility.


It has been A/B tested for a very long time. So maybe there is something that triggers it.


Ah, possibly yes. If that's true it would appear people are selected at random to participate in trials, and without their knowledge?


That is true. We are just laboritory rats and they feed us with language lessons. Don't they say there is no such thing as a free lunch.


I've not done Italian, but in the languages I've tried I've never once gotten a question that asked me to translate and then speak. Always just listen and repeat…


I have a similar problem... my partner is learning Spanish and he has to use microphone, but I am studying Portuguese and have never been asked to speak - whether on PC or Android device. My settings say Microphone On. What gives?


You can activate the microphone quizzes in the settings (Microphone: On). However a lot of people don't like this as it doesn't always work properly.


Thanks for replying! Skelkingur, I don't see anything else in the settings regarding the microphone- it's either on or off. Mine is already on.....hm :- Or am I missing something?

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