quiz too hard

Hi. I tested out of some levels in French when I started the course. When I went to take my first quiz, it was too difficult and definitely had questions that could not have been on the levels.

January 30, 2015


That is correct, the quiz tests your knwledge of the whole course. As you progress through your tree you should see a gradual progression in your quiz score. That way you will see your progress and when you finish your tree you will (hopefully) see a score of 5/5.

The progress quiz covers everything in the tree (all the lessons).

I am assuming that you are talking about the progress quiz. This quiz is designed to cover everything that is taught in the course. It is expected that you can't answer everything without having completed the whole course. The progress quiz (as the name suggests) is meant to give you feedback over your progress in learning the language.

I agree quizzes have no relation to material covered. It is bizarre. I do learn some things though. I know you don't answer, Duolingo but I PAID this years tuition.

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