"Jag gillar att mysa med min pojkvän."

Translation:I like to cuddle with my boyfriend.

January 30, 2015

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Are gillar and tycker om completely synonymous?


They mean the same but gillar is a bit more colloquial.


I'm a bit confused with att mysa. Does the word has some shadow of intimacy, I mean it's intended to be used for lovers? Or can it be used f.e. for parents and children?


It works great with parents and children, or your pets (without any weird overtones at all). Also just being cozy in the sofa with a cup of tea. I think cuddle is a bit too strong as a translation here, but then again, if it's with your boyfriend, it might cover cuddling too.


I think it would be acceptable in American English to say to "cuddle/cozy up" on the couch with a book or a hot cocoa. (I'm from WI and FL)


Here in Sweden, many people (families and friends) have fredagsmys when the family or a group of friends gather together, often at home to hang out together. Our family snuggle up on the couch together and watch a film or play a board game. When I moved to Sweden I learnt the words fredagsmys and lördagsgodis (saturday sweets/candy) very quickly.


The Wiki's example sentence was really cool: "Katten ligger och myser i solen" The cat lies and mysas in the sun.

It's kinda cool that Swedish has a word for that level of contentment.


My cat has a toy bird that she refuses to be parted with. So when she's lying in the sun contentedly, she really is 'cuddling' something.


I agree...such a soft, comfortable-sounding word for a soft, comfortable experience! When one of my Swedish friends invited me to visit his family for the holidays, he wrote that nobody should spend this time of year alone. Then he added: Jag lovar dig massor med mys, mys, mys, mys och mmmyyysss. ("I promise you lots of coziness" and then some!) Snuggling on a couch with a wood stove close by, sharing a blanket and a hug on a dark December night: now THAT is pure mys!


I found this explanation that I really liked an wanted to share with you:

We almost have this in English with the word snuggle, but if you’re gonna be mysering in Swedish, you can do it with someone, alone, or even in a café – perhaps “to cosy up” fits the bill. Ex: Ikväll ska jag mysa framför tv:n! (Tonight, I will cosy up in front of the tv!)

Source: https://blogs.transparent.com/swedish/10-swedish-words-you-wont-find-in-english/


It's translated as "smile", "beam" on my dictionary instead. so yes, to what Arnauti said


It's pretty outdated in the sense 'smile', but it used to mean that.


What a cute verb! I'm guessing the full meaning of this word doesn't really translate into English, which I think is really cool.


It's cute until your girlfriend mysar with another guy, then it's not cute any longer.


Could I translate mysa as "spoon"? "I like to spoon my boyfriend"


spoon is actually skeda in Swedish. We usually use it with med: Hon skedar med sin pojkvän 'She spoons with her boyfriend'


I was told the term for this was "ligga sked" e.g. "Hon ligger sked med sin pojkvän". Is that also correct or was I led astray?


Sure, that works too.


I've been puzzling over this a bit and I just realized that I usually talk about the situations described here as "snuggling with" and "snuggling up to" (pets and humans, parents and kids, couples who are getting cozy but not necessarily intimate). Would "snuggle" work?


What about gillar and enjoy? Is there a better word for enjoy, or can gilla mean enjoy?


I used "snuggle" and having read the comments I'm pretty sure i was right after all.


Is mysa comparable with the Danish 'hyggelig' and the Dutch 'gezellig'? Do they describe the same feeling? (I know that mysa is a verb and gezellig+hyggelig are nouns)


Yes, only hyggelig is mysig and mysa is hygge sig. (I don't know about Dutch but I trust you on that one). :)


I think 'mysa' is more like the Dutch 'knuffelen' (which has the meanings 'to hug' and 'to cuddle'). But I'm only native Dutch and don't know Swedish well so only guessing! By the way, quite interesting that 'hyggelig' seems to be related to the English 'to hug' so the Dutch 'gezellig' has also a far relationship with 'to hug', which is totally not obvious from the two words.


mys doesn't necessarily involve any touching at all. It can mean that (on dating sites, it can mean a lot more), but mys is often just a general sense of well-being and comfort. A very common thing is the fredagsmys, a modern tradition in many Swedish families, which in practice often means that the family eats something together and hangs out in front of the tv.
I'd translate cuddle back into kramas or kela, so I'm not all that happy with the translation here, but it's hard to find a perfect one.


Ah ok, so 'mys' is much broader than 'cuddle'! As you describe it it sounds a lot like the Dutch 'gezellig' but then in the Dutch 'gezellig' there is no touching at all, so it's a bit more specific I guess. Tack för ditt svar!


Seems from this description that mys is more like "hang out with." Based on the translation "cuddle" I tried nestle, and it was rejected. Now I don't feel so bad.


Translating it as 'hang out with' is taking it a bit far. Maybe get cozy gets the idea across better. Or something with cozy at least. It's about that feeling.


Arnauti's suggestions are fairly close to my own translations. I too would use some English phrase with "cozy" (feel cozy, get cozy, cozy up) as the equivalent of mysa.


"Gezellig" is not a noun in Dutch, it can be used as an adjective or as an adverb. Just saying. The Danish word seems like an adjective/adverb as well, with the ending -lig, but I am not sure about that.


Is mysa the same as hygge in Danish? Is mysa/myser a concept of getting cozy and comfortable?


Exactly! Mysa and hygge both express the same "social coziness" concept. If a Swede had been the first Scandinavian to get their book on cozy living published in the UK, the word mys ("coziness" as a noun) would be all over the Internet now.


I like cuddling my boyfriend is not accepted? It us the same thing.


Seems that specific one was missing. I have added it now.


I would say that I perfer to cuddle my boy/girlfriend and snuggle up with same. Would it be acceptable to leave out the 'with' in the English translation?


Sure, we accept just "cuddle my" as well.

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