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Paper on Duolingo in experimental class

Comments are welcome on the paper posted at http://goo.gl/ImnThT. I'm not using DL in support of one language, but rather as an experimental, self-directed class of independent learners in any available DL language.

January 30, 2015



Wow pmagnuson, that is amazing! Thank you very much for sharing, I will contact you via email to find out if you would mind sharing a little more about your experience. :)


Happy to, vivisaurus. ;-)


Very informative. Thank you!


This is great! I am also trying to write a paper about using Duolingo at the university level. I used it with my first year and third year Spanish students. It was assigned as homework, 10% of their total grade. I surveyed the students and their responses were very interesting.

I will read your paper carefully and probably will end up citing you as well. Are you thinking of publishing this somewhere?

Thanks so much again.


Ah, but it is published, right there on our school's website. ;-) I'll write about the second semester and post here as well. I'd be happy to read about your experiences if you write them up. Or if you share your survey results.


Yes, definitely! I will keep you informed and probably ask for suggestions too.

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