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"Der fandtes kun en nøgle til værelset."

Translation:There existed only one key for the room.

January 30, 2015



Awful english


There's a lot of this in the Danish lessons.


"was found" ist not correct?


I would also like to know this

[deactivated user]

    The verb at findes (past tense fandtes) means "to exist".

    In theory it could also be a passive of at finde (= to find), but I've never heard it used like that. The passive of at finde is always at blive fundet.


    This doesn't seem grammatically correct.


    Wouldn't you say "kun én nøgle"?


    'There existed JUST one key for the room' is not accepted yet. Hopefully it will in the future as I consider it equally correct. ( Although a terrible English sentence)


    I am wondering along with Pierre Poutine if there should not be a better pronunciation cue for "en" and some kind of accent mark over the e.


    "Only a key for the room was found there" was my answer based on the earlier learning. I get Viktor's point but must agree with Yorifik, it should "only a key for the room existed there" to make any sense in English. I would suggest a rethink on this question.

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