"When are you going to call me?"

Translation:Quando mi chiamerai?

August 6, 2013

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Why are both sentences OK here? Doesn't quando mi chiamo mean when do you call me?


The present tense is often used to express what will happen in the future. If another element in the sentence refers to the future, the present tense can be used. (http://italian.about.com/od/verbs/a/italian-verbs-present-tense.htm)

  • Torni a casa domani? / "Will you go back home tomorrow?"

I think that an element which refers to the future is not necessary all the time, like in this case, so "When are you going to call me?" can me translated as "Quando mi chiami?"


Which one is more common "Quando mi chiami" or "Quando mi chiamerai?"


"Quando mi chiami?" is more used for the near future, maybe if you expect to be called in the following two days or something. "Quando mi chiamerai?" is more common for a further future, maybe more than a week or something.


quando mi telefonerai - could that be a reasonable translation too??


Why not "quando hai intenzione di chiamarmi?" "Going to" isn't like "avere intenzione di, stare per"?

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