"I work in the morning."

Translation:Oibrím ar maidin.

1/30/2015, 5:16:54 PM


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Why is it not "ar mhaidin"?

3/3/2016, 6:03:29 PM

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Good question. But it is always "ar maidin". For further "confusion" see below link (initial mutations, right at the beginning):


(Another discussion thread stated, that "ar" in the meaning of state/position does not cause lenition, and that this version of "ar" stems from an obsolete preposition "for".)

1/5/2017, 8:46:05 PM


Would you ever use the phrase Oibrím san maidin?

1/30/2015, 5:16:54 PM

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No. Even if it were used, sa maidin would be used rather than san maidin, since maidin doesn’t begin with a vowel. Remember that prepositions rarely have complete one-to-one correspondences between languages.

A form of the preposition i is used in Tá sé ina mhaidin (“It is morning”, more literally “It is in its morning”).

1/30/2015, 7:56:34 PM


Or does San... mean: On the...?

1/30/2015, 5:17:32 PM


If you do an advance search on http://www.focloir.ie on the Irish phrase sa mhaidin and there are no hits. I don't think you're likely to ever see it used like that. ar maidin is your go to phrase.

1/30/2015, 9:52:28 PM


Can i also say "Oibrím ar an maidin?"

4/4/2017, 10:16:20 PM


Is there a reason that "ar" is used instead of "sa" ?

5/5/2017, 8:21:09 PM
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