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  5. "Eu sempre quis ver você."

"Eu sempre quis ver você."

Translation:I have always wanted to see you.

January 30, 2015



I'm sorry but are quis and queria interchangeable for the first and third person? I don't understand the difference or when to use which.


Quis = Perfect past Queria = Imperfect past

Eu quis algo = I wanted something (but now I don't) Eu queria algo = I wanted something (I might still want it or not)


Yes. I speak portuguese and sometimes it becomes a little problem. But it's too rare and then you have to understand by the context used. "Ele foi para a França. Queria ter ido a outro lugar" (He went to France. [He] wanted to go to a different place)=by the context, we realize it is in the third person.


I was wondering which one would be the correct translation. Here two options are given: - I have always wanted to see you & - I always wanted to see you There is a small difference in meaning in those two and I would assume that in Portuguese this difference exists as well?


Hi Bonnie_B

Both sentences should be translated to portuguese as "Eu sempre quis ver você". There is no a specific verb tense in portuguese to describe a thing that started in the past and continues happening until now (present perfect).

(I'm learning english... so I hope have helped you)


A very helpful answer, muito obrigada!


You're welcome! Btw... I'm joining on whatsapp group to study english and there are some members learning portuguese. We are learning together. If you want... let me know.

ObrigadA is said by women ObrigadO is said by men

See you!


Yep, I'm female! Thank you for the offer, but I'm writing my thesis at the moment and whatsapp groups are way too distracting!


How can anyone get in touch with anyone here? It doesn't seem possible to contact anyone. I'd love to be part of a Portuguese group. I speak Italian Spanish and French so once Breen fondling Portuguese pretty ready to learn but challenging at the same time. Very fun!

The duolingo clubs are pretty useless. Once can't even chat with anyone. I never got a response or comment to anything i wrote


I'm confused about putting 'have' in there...why not 'I always wanted to see you'? Can anyone explain?


It's the same difference in British English as the one explained for PT by Douglas Giehl above. In the Present Perfect tense, the action started in the past and still continues in the present (I have always wanted - I still want) while I always wanted (I only indicate a past period ) eg. I always wanted to see him when I was a child - I may still or not anymore. Hope this clarifies. Good luck!!


That's odd; Mr. Owl/Duo just accepted 'I always wanted to see you'.

I'm guessing late night is not the best hour, for Duo, or for me. ;p

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