Cuentan con

Can anybody help with the translation of "cuentan con" in this sentence:- Claro, dado que cuentan, a los lados, con una especie de regla que mide el nivel del agua caída del cielo. It comes from the translation about Wellington Boots that have a water measuring design on the sides of the boots.

May 7, 2012


I haven't done the translation of this text, yet. So, maybe I miss some context. From what you've given, I would translate 'contar con' either with 'to have' (depending on the context, maybe constructions with 'to expect' are also possible). See here (under II.):

Thankyou @wataya. That was very helpful. I now see that it means "given that they include (or have) a type of ruler on their sides to measure the level of rainwater".

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