"Han hoppar."

Translation:He is jumping.

January 30, 2015

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hoppar = jumps hoppar ≠ hops

Right? (My brain keeps gravitating towards the latter) :)



<pre>As it explained before the exercise, this could mean either he jumps or is jumping. In English, we have usually two separate words and conjugated verbs for that, but in Swedish and most Scandinavian Dialects, there is only one word to describe both. Also, keep in mine that throughout all your language learning, Swedish never conjugates verbs. They just have a specific noun, and they say the verb afterwards. Saves time from all that difficult conjugating we do in English! </pre>


Could this be used in figures of speech like "jumps to conclusion," or would that be something else?


I always remember hoppar because of 'hop'.

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    Why not "he skips"?


    skip can sometimes mean hoppa but it can also sometimes be better translated as skutta. Report it and we'll add it as a translation, but jump is a better translation.

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      So the way I'm understanding verbs is that there aren't any conjugations? Hoppar would translate to jump/jumps/is jumping, correct?

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