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Suggestion, Chatboards

I had been using this program since August. And in order for me to track my students they all followed me so I could see their progress etc. One thing though that I noticed is on the chatboards I was unable to see all discussions taking place. If you could improve my ability to view everyone's conversations on the chatboards such as posting on another students wall that would be great. It does work but not efficiently.

January 30, 2015



If you follow all of your students, you can see their posts on the discussion forums and to each other's profiles just by clicking "Activity" at the top of your page and scrolling through your Activity stream. Is this what you are looking for?


i do see that but it does not catch everything I guess it gets overloaded with 140 + students maybe saying hola ... So I will log on to one of my students DLs and I will see a lot more than what is displayed on activity

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