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Finished my Spanish tree

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I took three classes in Spanish in college about 8 years ago, so I had a decent head start. It took me just under a month, around 27 days. I spent a good amount of time in the immersion section also, and I could tell I was getting better. My reading comprehension is pretty good, but I definitely need to practice listening and speaking more. I found a place nearby that has a decent hispanic population that I am going to volunteer at to help get my skills up. Now I just need to work up to level 25 and my journey toward the dark side, I mean Spanish will be complete.

3 years ago


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3 years ago


Wow, congrats! I've been busy doing and redoing lessons so although I've spent 60 days and reached level 14 I'm still only about halfway through the tree, so way to go for you!!

3 years ago


congrats bro

3 years ago