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"Du behöver bara betala fem procent i ränta."

Translation:You only need to pay five percent interest.

January 31, 2015



"You need only pay five percent in interest" is a perfectly acceptable way to speak in English. Why is it considered wrong? Same meaning, proper grammar…


The preposition in "percent in interest" isn't really used, as far as I'm aware. For instance, "percent in interest" yields 98 results on Google, while "percent interest" gives over half a million hits.


I concede that one expression is more common, but Lisa939448 is right. Her translation is perfectly acceptable as an English sentence (especially because I translated the sentence the same way). Could Duo be a bit more flexible since the object under consideration here is learning Swedish, not debating which forms of English diction are more popular?

"Undergraduate students can expect to pay 4.45 percent in interest on new Stafford loans, instead of the current 3.76 percent."--Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, "Say Goodbye to Low Interest Rates on Student Loans, at least for Now," Washington Post, May 11, 2017.


Well, I'm not a contributor any longer, so I don't have final say. I'm not convinced the usage is right, although I do appreciate your comment.

I will say though that incorrect English will never be consciously accepted throughout the course, so if the course contributors consider the usage incorrect rather than more rare, it will not be accepted. That's just to clarify policy in general, not meant as a comment on the specific sentence.


I still think "You need only pay five percent interest" should be acceptable.


I agree. Report it next time.


Duo said that "You need only pay 5 percent in interest" is wrong and pointed to my placement of "only" in the sentence as the error in the translation.


That is unfortunately a common problem - if you put a different number of words than what the system expects, it doesn't give you a suitable error message. I'd love to help but I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about it.


I am curious. Would it be incorrect to put "bara" after "betala"?

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