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Why nobody answers? Help!

Hello! Can anyone help? I made another thread, two days ago and I write twice to support but I have no answer.

There is a problem with my Days Streak, which was reset two days ago, after 115 days without a proper reason. For several weeks I have over 50 point every day, including the day before yesterday (70) and I never changed time zone. I work for it, and I don't feel well losing it. A mod can see my graphic, I have printscreens in the web and duolingo app. Any sugestion is appreciated.

January 31, 2015



You could try posting a message on bchan's stream https://www.duolingo.com/bchan Best of luck getting this sorted!



I just submitted an complaint about the same issue. Mine reset from 12 to 0 days. The only thing that was different was the fact that I signed in on a different computer.


Hi, I have been emailing zendesk for help since December 9 2014 and still no reply. Despite progressing 2/3rds through my French course successfully I cannot open next set of lessons - ultra frustrating. Never been blocked before. Does anyone know how to open lessons? Obviously Duolingo don't want to help. Pity as it is such a clever and fun way to learn a language.


Thank you. I'll try it.


So there are some bugs on duolingo. Maybe will be corrected some day. But maybe there is another problem, though I'm not sure: Duolingo needs more Mods. I suggest "elections" from time to time, I'm sure there are many people wanting to help. What do you think?

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