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My Danish Experiment

Hej! I finished my French tree today finally (yay) so at a bit of a loose end Duolingo wise. I'm seriously studying French and Indonesian and don't want to lose focus on those but I also feel like having some fun.

So I've decided to do Danish on Duolingo and only on Duolingo. With the possible exception of checking grammar points if I run into trouble further down the road, I'm not going to do anything outside Duo and will do some every day. And I've turned off microphone and speech recognition to focus solely on the reading and make things a bit quicker. So essentially I guess I'm going to see how far you can go with Duo alone. I think if I got to a solid upper A1/A2 in reading I'd be happy.

On the French tree I wasn't too strict with practising my skills or making sure I got through without too many attempts or losing too many hearts because Duo was only a relatively small part of my French study. Since it will be my only Danish study, I plan to do a lot of timed practice and redos if necessary.

So I guess I'm just saying this to put my plan on the record and also give me an excuse to thank the developers and contributors (to the course and to the discussions) in advance. I've already found browsing through here very helpful!

January 31, 2015



Held og lykke med det! :)

Don't forget to let us know about your progress. I'm excited to hear about it.


Tak Marinia - I plan to do that.


Good luck with your plan! I truly hope it works for you.

I can't read without pronouncing things in my head, and in my vast experience of three lessons Danish is pronounced so differently than how it looks (to me), I'd be afraid to do it that way. I am also only interested in reading. Rather, I think reading is all I dare hope for.


@BetttCBowen I love Duo but I truly don’t think listening and speaking are its strong points – I turned off those on my French tree even because there are so many more efficient ways to get that input. I have read of course about the notorious Danish pronunciation and had planned on shielding myself from it as much as possible – in fact to the extent I’m pronouncing them in my head I’m deliberately doing them in my broadest Australian accent possible. I have no scientific backup for this but I feel like it's better than trying to guess a generic "Scandinavian-sounding" pronunciation - better to be a blank slate if I decide to learn speaking skills after. In another thread there are links to the vocab from each unit - fantastic, get them if you can - and it includes the phonetic pronunciation and, um yeah not what I would've guessed. For the "purity" of the experiment as well as convenience (I really don't want this to take away much time from my French and Indonesian) I'm just going to continue to ignore speaking and listening, at least until after I finish the tree.

Thank you for your good wishes! Good luck to you too.


In my opinion it's really not a bad thing to do it like that. I had voice activated for roughly 3/4 of the danish tree and the more I progressed through the tree the more I noticed how the tts pronounced things very wrong. This is when I decided as well to turn it off. I only noticed about these flaws because I talk danish to my boyfriend and it always sounded very much different when he said those words. I do believe it's therefore a good choice to turn it off. You will not want to pick up wrong things and memorize them. Duolingo is amazing to learn reading and writing. I did not imagine I would come this far. However, speaking and hearing is not what you can learn here. You need the help of a native I would say or watch and listen to real material.


I am doing something similar as I am going to study abroad in Copenhagen next year. My Danish is coming on slowly but surely. I am trying to a section everyday while maintaining full gold on Danish and Spanish. Keep with it trust me it works :) es como aprendé mi espańol!


Thanks hoppo! Slowly but surely, ja.


I reached the first checkpoint and did a progress quiz. I got a grand total of 0.74/5.0 but I think I got all the questions on things I have actually done so far correct. I'll do another one after the next checkpoint.


God, I think? Of course I didn't know 90% of the quiz but of the questions on what I have studied - in/definite articles, plurals, genitive - I THINK I got 100% I am enjoying Danish so far!


That's great to hear! I hope you do well in your efforts!


Hvordan går det -- How's it going?


Hej km1. I'm on a 10 day Danish streak today and going well. I finished Colours and Present 1 and hit Level 8 today. Definitely at this point I need to review the grammar and vocab. I'm doing a lot of timed practice to review and I'm usually getting 90% plus right but I also need to sit down and write out all the tables and so on that I've done so far to really make them automatic. The next skill is Questions which seems like a lot of new content so I think I'll continue to practice the skills but not start new content for maybe two days and spend that time again reviewing what I've learnt.

For the purpose of the 'experiment' though I think it's better if I move through the units reasonably quickly, so I won't delay new stuff for too long.

I'm enjoying it a lot and it's reasonably straightforward so far, "easier" in some ways than French for instance I think.


Passed the second checkpoint, did a bunch of review then did the quiz again. 1.39/5.00, up from 0.74 after the first checkpoint. Going in the right direction .... :-)


Today I hit a landmark in my Danish study - I failed a unit for the first time ... twice! Adjectives 1, lesson 3 was a heart-killer. Actually this is good because once I conquer it I'll know I have actually achieved something. I 'strengthened' Basics 1 just to get my 10xp and keep the streak and will come back to my Nemesis Adj. 1 i morgen ....

It's also possible that since I'm doing the Memrise February challenge and clocking up 80,000 points a day in French and Indonesian decks there at the moment that my brain is just "døde" ;-)


Hej! Tak for your interest. I'm still chipping away at it. Since starting Danish I've only missed one day, and even then I THOUGHT I had done it for that day but apparently not. I finished Adverbs yesterday. Definitely at this point the vocab is starting to pile up high and I need to revise outside of Duo. I've been doing the Memrise Duo Danish course - I think this falls into my rules of only using Duo since it's just a tool, not really any different in practice to writing them out in a notebook. I've kept my tree golden this whole time but definitely notice now it is more work to so, they're degrading quicker.

Apart from drilling the vocab the two things I really need to get a handle on are: - agreement of adjectives - question words

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