"Det finns flera öppna restauranger."

Translation:There are several open restaurants.

January 31, 2015

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'There are several restaurants open' is more natural.


Why did someone down vote this?


They probably disagreed with you. I disagree too. But I'm not gonna downvote you. Interesting to hear what other people find more natural sounding.


I think both is natural to the English language and have the same meaning and either should be accepted.


As an English person I agree with Alex, 'several open restaurants' is unnatural for me to say. But it could just be as an English person there is a preference to put emphasis on the last word.


I thought the exact same thing


This sentence is literally Sweden during lockdown


Agreed. Appropriate only in the Swedish course these days


I wrote many and Duo refused it. Why is that?


I was wondering it too... :)


My understanding from what the mods have said in other parts of the course is that there is a difference between the meanings of several and many (and flera och många). Several is, according to the dictionary, "being more than two but fewer than many" and many is, "constituting or forming a large number".

As you can see, several and many have different meanings, and so they are not interchangable for the purpose of this course.


I wrote there are "multiple" and it denied it too, as a swede, I believe it should be correct, but whatever.


That's what I was looking for, thanks!


flera means several manga (with the little o ontop of the a) means many


I would have naturally said "There are several restaurants that are open" rather than "There are several open restaurants". That sounds foreign to my ear. But I got the correct answer because I mangled the English to make it match the Swedish way of saying it.


Men eftersom COVID-19, de är slut... förutom hämtmat


Could one also say, "Det är flera öppna restauranger"? Misspelled that in the reverse question - not even sure if Duolingo would have accepted it!


I could be wrong but I don't think so, I think that would be That is several open restaurants.


Surely "there are multiple open restaurants." is correct also? O.O


As a native speaker, I think this should be accepted (if it isn't already).


It is not accepted :-/ In all other places in the course, "several" and "multiple" are both valid for "flera".


Is there a way to make it so it dosent correct there is to there are. I know its colloquial but to me theyre often interchangable so its just annoying to lose a heart over my english


That's more a question for the general forums, I think. For instance, we as course contributors for Swedish cannot make spelling rules for English, I mean, rules in the course that say that if you input something, you'll just be told that you have a typo. And the general rules for what is accepted in English are made by Duo. We can only add things as correct, and we try not to be too strict, but adding all the things that native speakers actually write would just be a huge amount of work for us, since there would be so many different things then. – I actually have a feeling that Duo may be considering some kind of option that would make things more customizable.

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    Oppna bcos restauranger is plural? Otherwise it would be oppnar??


    No, you're thinking of the verb "to open" ("att öppna", present tense "öppnar"). The forms for "open" as an adjective go:

    • Indefinite singular en-word: Öppen ("En öppen restaurang", "an open restaurant")
    • Indefinite singular ett-word: Öppet ("Ett öppet värdshus", "an open inn")
    • Definite or plural words: Öppna ("Flera öppna restauranger", "several open restaurants"; "den öppna restaurangen", "the open restaurant")


    can it be det är instead of det finns?


    Not sure if you'd call it outright wrong or not, but it definitely sounds weird. Stick to "det finns" when translating English's "there is/are".


    there are several open restaurants


    The English dictionary definition of several is "less than many". I rarely (if ever) use the word "several" in English. I tend to consider the Swedish word "flera" to mean "a few" and the Swedish word "få" (usually translated as "few") to mean "very few". I would say "We've got a few restaurants in town" when I mean 6 or 7. If I said "There are very few restaurants in town" when I mean 3 or 4."


    With the new voice, I can't hear the "öppna" at all.


    Male or female voice, fast or slow?


    I can't tell the gender, but it's the voice they just added a couple days ago, and I couldn't hear öppna on either fast or slow. It was said—there was enough time for it to be said—but to me it was inaudible.


    I don't remember ever learning finns although it pops up now and then. Why not "ar?"


    Can i say Det är flera öppna restauranger? What is the difference between "finns" and "vara"? Tack!

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