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Glitches in the Program

During the last few days, there have been glitches in the program that I am uncertain are related to the Irish course or whether it is simply a server problem, and so I thought I would mention here instead of in program as I don't want to interfere with Irish going from Beta to Alpha if it is a problem Duolingo needs to address across the board.

I'll be half way through the lesson, and when a type what you hear lesson comes up, their will be no voice or icon that represents the recording. From that point on the cursor no longer goes automatically to where the answer is typed in. And the only way to move forward through the lesson is to use the return key as there are odd things happening in that whole area where the continue icon is. Also from the point of the first recording that does not come up, no more will till the end of the lesson. And while today I was able to complete the lesson, once or twice it has just completely stopped.

I also thought it might be useful for who ever addresses this to know that I am accessing the program from my laptop when this happens as I know the mobile version works slightly differently.

If this is not the best place to report this, I'd be happy to receive directions to which would be, either in lesson, or elsewhere.

Thanks for Listening.

January 31, 2015



I missed that last part there as I skimmed through before I answered. I was having issues yesterday and had to update the software on my apple device.... Could it be your internet connection? Do you use wifi?


The same thing happens on my phone.


It's been happening on my laptop in two different browsers the past few days. Seems much more stable today. It was probably a Duolingo-wide issue.


I was away from the computer for a couple of days, but so far this morning I've had no troubles, so I am prone to agree with you.


Ooooops I think I spoke too soon.

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