"Jeg har lige meget som dig."

Translation:I have as much as you.

January 31, 2015



Doesn't "lige så meget" mean "as much as" why add another "as" = som?

March 11, 2015


Repeating NejraO.'s question, "Doesn't "lige så meget" mean "as much as" why add another "as" = som?"

May 12, 2015

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Translations usually are never one on one.

Lige =~ exactly

Så = so

Meget = much/many

Som = as

May 21, 2015


When do you say som and when ligesom?

January 31, 2015


From what I gathered, "som" as an adverb would be translated as "as much as", in contrast "ligesom" as an adverb would be "such as/like".

February 15, 2015


Why would "I have the same as you" be different? Is it because this is about a quantifiable amount of something, like you have mass nouns and count nouns in English?

August 26, 2015


@ robin I checked it out and you seem to be right. Am just as new to this so please correct me if I'm wrong. If it was something like water or bread or money) it would be meget ( as much as) and seems like if it was cars or troubles or facebook friend requests it would lige så mange ( just as many). Hope that helps!

November 29, 2017


My ear has trouble to catch this. Sounds like Jeg har lise maj som dig... and i couldn't for the life of me think what that is supposed to mean. (I first listen to the sentence with my eyes closed to try and understand just the audio without reading, to improve my listening skills)

September 15, 2018

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I think you heard that right. The g in 'lige' is rather silent, so that is pronounced like english "lee". Same with the g in 'meget'. The t in 'meget' should sound like th in english "the", and the first e somewhat like the a in english "part". :-) So : "lee so math".

September 15, 2018


You're wrong about the et part of meget.

It is not pronounced like the English th sound, but as the Danish soft d. The difference is that in the English th sound the tongue touches the lower part of the upper teeth, while in the Danish soft d sound, the tongue stops at the back of the lower teeth and pushes against them.

February 23, 2019
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