"Jag har en gul osthyvel."

Translation:I have a yellow cheese slicer.

January 31, 2015

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I have a vivid memory of eating breakfast at my boyfriend's house for the first time and having no idea how to use the osthyvel. There I was, awkwardly prodding at the cheese block whilst his family watched in amazement. At least it helped me remember the word!


My mum held a party for her birthday one year, and one of the guests, a little confused, used the edge of the cheese slicer to carve off a big chunk from the end of a block of cheese.


I like how you use the same word for razor and cheese slicer :D


Yeah I called it a cheese shaver because it shaves or, as mentioned, planes the cheese. Duo didn't like that.


Would "cheese knife" not be an acceptable translation?


I think that they aren't referring to a knife but rather a special thing that Swedes use to cut cheese, just google osthyvel to see what they mean.


Indeed. A cheese knife (ostkniv) is another utensil for the fancy way of eating cheese and fruit.


I grew up in an area that produced much cheese, but we didn't have any fancy implements for cutting it, apparently. :) Tack, alla!


Oh! It IS a "plane" - with an attached shovel to pick up the resulting slice. I grew up with the thin wire slicer (and a knife for fancy occasions), unfamiliar with this brilliant tool.


Could "I have a yellow cheese GRATER" work too?


no, an osthyvel is a different thing all together (just do a google search for it)

though since this was posted like 2 years ago I'm sure you've done that already


Is this a common thing in Sweden? While I have heard of cheese slicer I have never used one in my life let alone know anyone who even owns one

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