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"Eu peço que você não use o telefone aqui."

Translation:I ask you not to use the phone here.

August 6, 2013



Sounds like something a teacher would ask their students


DL's sentence would sound more natural if the main verb were in the past tense: I asked you not to use the phone here.

Subjunctive mode (formal and expresses some urgency): "I ask that you not use the phone here."


My take on this sentence: it's based on a simple idea: "don't use your phone here". If one wants to be polite, the imperative typically feels too blunt, which is how we end up with convolutions like this sentence, where we rephrase it so it seems more polite. Since the point is the exact opposite of brevity, I'd argue there are many ways you could translate this phrase.


Better: I ask that you not use the phone here.


I used "do not" instead of "don't" and it was marked wrong. Really?

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