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"Publikummet elsker skuespillerindens dans scenen."

Translation:The audience loves the actress's dance on the stage.

January 31, 2015



In english, couldn't we add only ' at the end of a word to set possession to a word if it ends with an "s"? Like in "actress' dance" instead of "actress's dance"? Or in "Nicolas' phone" instead of "Nicolas's phone"?


This is one of those things that I think has evolved even in my lifetime. Traditionally, I believe, the second "s" was not necessary (thus, "the actress' dance"), but at least over the last generation or two, the second "s" has become quite mandatory in most English publications ("the actress's dance"), so it is probably best to go this route when in doubt. Interestingly enough, the second "s" is still supposed to be omitted for "classical and Biblical names" (i.e., "Jesus' disciples" and "Augustus' reign"--not "Jesus's" nor "Augustus's"), which just makes it maddeningly inconsistent.

Frankly, I hate it, and refuse to use the second "s" in my own writing, but I don't think this is a battle I'm going to win.


I'll fight the good fight with you.


Either should be allowed in Duolingo as either is correct.


You mean the third "s"?!


Only if it is plural, if the possessive "s" is pronounced then it's written (so "actress's" but "actresses'")


According to ordnet.dk the female form "skuespillerinde" (as well as "lærerinde") is outdated and instead the male forms "skuespiller" and "lærer" are used.


There are several faults in the audio in this sentence. 1) Publikummet is pronounced terribly. DUO has put a stress on kummet and not on the first part of the word.. 'Publikummet .. 2) skuespillerindens is pronounced terribly also. It is a mess which makes it impossible to understand. Please do something, DUO, to repair it.


I was just going to write the same.

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