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XP and level not correct

Recently picked up duolingo again and found that my Spanish shows level 9, but I should have passed level 11.

In my activity feed there are events of passing the 11 levels. My friend also can see my all time XP total is at 3696, but it only shows up as 1817 on my own profile only.. I've ever only played Spanish from English..

Sent a mail to support but no response yet.. Anyone seen similar issue before?

January 31, 2015



Have you tried emptying the cache on your browser, then rebooting? It sounds as if your computer is hanging on to "old" data--especially if your friend can see your current, correct total. . . .


I agree, it sounds like something is funky on your end, I see your level as 11.
In addition to macjoy's advice, have you tried earning any points lately to 'refresh' your data?


I tried both clearing browser cache and re logging in. Interesting as I can see 11 next to my username's Spainish flag in the discussion thread here, but clicking into my own profile it still shows 1817 XP / Lv 9...

Using iOS app the coach daily chart also shows around 18xx XP. Have been earning points these days, so a little confused what happened...


Strangely it now shows both levels.. http://postimg.org/image/dzuo6o383/

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