Duolingo Success Story

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This last week I've been celebrating beyond belief. I first started Duolingo last year, but didn't truly dedicated to it until August. I've had my up's and downs, but I got to finish the French course. After it, I furthered my studies by learning more vocabulary in memrise with an introductory and intermediate course. Two weeks ago, I started simply speaking with a French acquaintance of mine for one hour three times a week. Today, I realize it is truly easy for me to understand and express myself in French. I'm able to understand almost every word at first orally (which, especially in French, is very hard in of itself) and can identify tenses without issues. I thank Duolingo for taking me to a B2 level in French and now, after seeing my progress, I'm motivated to start a new different journey in another language.

4 years ago


Wow, congratulations on your achievements. Keep going! :D

4 years ago

Awesome! :D

I had a REALLY great experience with Dutch and I feel like I'm B1-B2 because it's so close to German that I didn't really have to strain myself to learn. Then I began Swedish and am starting to like it a lot too!

Here's a lingot to help you with your next language! :D

4 years ago

Yay! Congrats on your achivement!

4 years ago

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    4 years ago
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