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How much is too much?

So i love this site, its a massive help and easily the best i've tried.. but i forget so much, and because of the way it works (a tree/a game) i just wanna keep blasting through it as fast as i can... I'm a gamer, i wanna complete it! I wonder if this might not be the way though when words come up from the first few lessons and i cant remember them...

So do you limit yourselves? Do you go over each section again and again untill you're confident, or do you just go through everything in order and then brush up later?

Obviously theres no right or wrong way cos we're all different, i'd just like to hear what other people do. Maybe i dont need to go back and do the first lessons again cos the words will keep coming up in later ones?

Just starting to feel a bit daunting really... was fine untill i got to the damned plurals and possessives and definate/indefinates... Please tell me it gets easier after that.

and lastly, is there any logical way to tell whether a word is an ett or an en word or do you just have to memorise it all?

February 1, 2015



I'm new to Duolingo as well, and have also found myself rushing too fast through the lessons sometimes. Like you described, sometimes I move forward too fast and I find that I've forgotten words from some older lesson. The easy solution, as others have suggested, is to simply limit how much you study each day.

However, like yourself, I want to go as fast as possible, limits be damned. The solution I've come up with so far is that (in addition to the usual review from the "strengthen skills" lesson) every time I encounter a word from a previous lesson that I'm unconfident about, I go back and redo that lesson specifically. Likewise, if after finishing a new lesson I still feel unconfident about any of the new words covered, I'll immediately repeat the lesson (the lessons are slightly different each time, just so you know).

Beyond that, I try to space out learning throughout the day instead of one binge session at a time. In my opinion, it's more fun that way too.

I hope some of that helps!

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I started about 2 weeks ago and first I had planned to finish the tree in half a year, so I started slowly with a lot of repetition. Now I know I will probably get to use my new skills in April, so I have to do more and progress faster. My new planned speed is one new skill a day and a few practices, with 50 to 130 XP each day. I also got myself a notebook where I write down the Swedish words and their translation to my native language (not English), which I look at when I'm offline (no cheating during the lessons here). Reading through some of the vocabulary before bedtime is helpful for me.


Generally, I'll strengthen any non-golden skills individually first, then do an overall 'strengthen skills.' Only then do I actually move onto new skills. I'm averaging a new skill each day, and this has been working decently for me so far.


I just try to limit myself, I'll complete all the lessons in a section, and then spend several days reviewing it. Most words tend to use 'en' but you just need to memorize them. Its a lot easier to remember for me than for the genders of German or French words.


What I do is usually before I learn a new skill, I do the "strengthen skills" mini lesson to review and refresh first


Try to strengthen all skills before moving forward.


I always start by strengthening any skill that isn't gilded. Then I do at least 50 xp, but no more than 100 xp. If I do any more I've found that I've forgotten too much.


thanks all, some good tips, definately a few things i havent been doing


I try to do two new new lessons a day and two strengthens of specific sets a day, but it seems like I'm not giving enough time to reviews because I have about 8 non-gold skills. Right now I have two skills to learn before I pass the third checkpoint and I think that for now I'm going to keep up with two new skills and review three skills, but once I pass the checkpoint I'm going to review until I have all gold skills before starting any new skills.


I am also competitive and want to blast my way through, and like you, had worries about missing words or phrases. I am very close to the end of the tree, but what I do now is work on some of that, and then do loads of timed practice sessions. I love the excitement of working against the clock, and words and phrases are coming up that I missed during the tree exercises.

I do live in Sweden, and can speak the language quite well, and have found that things like ett or en words becomes easier with time and experience. There is no rule, but once the language becomes more familiar, you know what sounds right or wrong! Hang in there!


I agree with you that there seems to be just so much language skills that I can learn in a day, especially in the later stages.

I guess when things start getting hard, you can always do more review.


One of the things I tend to do is to complete one or two new lessons, then go over a lesson I don't think I know well enough. My daily goal is 30 XP, which serves to motivate and limit me. Additionally, I've started to use more traditional methods that helped when I was learning Japanese in high school: charts for pronouns, writing out rules, a set of flashcards. I also try to translate things from English to Swedish throughout the day.

As a teacher, I'd mostly say that it's important to take into account what kind of learner you are. Sometimes, even if you're a gamer, you may not learn as well using the gaming method. Different teaching methods aid in student information retention! :)

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