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  5. "Os pássaros leem o jornal."

"Os pássaros leem o jornal."

Translation:The birds read the newspaper.

August 7, 2013

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The animals in Brazil really are very literate.

March 9, 2014


Alt text

May 29, 2014


Haha nice one!

July 16, 2014


Haven't you seen the movie Rio? They are quite smart

December 23, 2015


the journal where the turttle writes the news

August 12, 2013


Day 17: We now have a basic understanding of the language. We are beginning to read what they call "newspapers." They are not yet onto us.

August 1, 2014


O som no modo normal diz (The sound in the normal mode says): "Os pássaros leem um jornal."

e (and)

no modo devagar (ln the slow mode): "Os pássaros leem o jornal."

November 24, 2013


Exactly! I missed this question because I heard "um jornal," and didn't listen to it in the slow mode. Grrrrr.....

December 19, 2013


This is the reason I listen to the slow-mo before committing, because it ticks me off to lose hearts over it. I understand that native speakers run words together in most any language -- and my husband is Brazilian -- but it's particularly hard to distinguish between this voice's O and UM at normal speed.

March 14, 2014


The sound of o it is like or and the sound of um it is like run without the r, I messed up and I'm Brazilian.

O som de o é como or e o som de um é como run sem o r, Eu errei e sou Brasileiro.

May 17, 2014


Agreed, and this is not the first time it's happened. It's frustrating to keep losing hearts over this. :-(

March 25, 2014


Bees read and write books, birds read newspapers...man! What a country brazil is...world cup will be fun

March 31, 2014


duolingo.com is the best website ever

March 6, 2014


It doesn't surprise me, we have a green owl teaching us Portuguese!

October 9, 2015


A duck walks into a drug store and buys a chapstick. The clerk says, "Will that be cash or charge?" The duck says, "Just put it on my bill!"

Two vultures were in the desert eating a dead clown. The first vulture asks the second vulture: "Does this taste funny to you?"

Did you hear about the newly discovered red-phase owl. It was found in San Francisco sittin’ on the dock of the bay. Scientists are not sure what the common name will be, but the scientific name is Otus Redding.

A Blue Jay applied for the receptionists job at the new AT&T headquarters. The interviewer, a bit non-plussed, told the Jay that the candidate had to be able to type at least 80 words per minute. The Jay demonstrated a 100 wpm talent! Not wanting to hire a BIRD for the job, the interviewer told the Jay that the candidate had to be able to take dictation. The Jay surpassed all other candidates. Finally the interviewer thought he'd be able to get rid of the Jay with "the candidate must be bilingual!" The Jay replied "Meow!!"

I understand that a crow has one less pinion feather than a raven. Therefore how do you tell a crow from a raven? It's a matter of opinion.

Judge: young man, it says here you shot and killed a California Condor. How do you plead? Defendant: Guilty your honor. Judge: GUILTY!? Don't you know how endangered these condors are? There are hardly any left at all. Defendant: Yes sir, I know, but I had to feed my family, we're so poor. Judge: That's no excuse. I fine you 30 days in jail. By the way, what does California Condor taste like? Defendant: It's real good, kinda like a cross between Bald Eagle and Whooping Crane!

Question: Why do hummingbirds hum? Answer: Because they don't know the words.

What do you get when a Rooster mates with a vegetable? CHICK PEAS

January 27, 2015


Thanks Alex Teagle for sharing your sense of humor. You have several good jokes there!

August 17, 2017


Oh i see. The birds read the newspaper written by the bees

July 25, 2014


This must be Blu, Jewel or their kids from Rio...

May 17, 2014


Lol. I really like those movies. Tiago is reading the comics. ;)

August 11, 2015


How educated these animals are

June 26, 2014


I wrote lêm instead of leem and got the correct answer. do they mean the same thing?just two different ways of writing it?

October 16, 2013


They have the same sound, but lêm is not the correct way to spell it. We used to write it "lêem", but "leem" is now the correct way to write the word. The word lêem is considered wrong since the new Orthographic Agreement came into force in January 2009.

October 21, 2013


I can't distinguish the voice the I.A "um" from the D.A "o".

December 11, 2013


"o" when is "alone" sounds like /oo/ in English and "um" = /oom/.

December 11, 2013


In Brazil the birds read newspapers bees write letter and cats hand beer to bears can't wait to visit

July 16, 2017


is "os pássaros leem um jornal" correct?

November 7, 2013


um jornal = a newspaper

November 7, 2013


what bird read the journal? which kind??

August 7, 2013


in Angry Birds - Daily Planet

November 17, 2013
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