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"The judge works at the supreme court."

Translation:Domaren arbetar på högsta domstolen.

February 1, 2015



Not "den" högsta domstolen?


In things that are names or like names, we often skip the article before adjective + determinate noun.


Thanks! That's about what I figured, but wasn't sure.


Does domstolen literally translate as the seat of judgement?


According to Zmrzlina in another thread, Yes


Can anyone explain when one uses "den" with definite articles and when not?


You would normally always use the definite article in this kind of expression, since you have an adjective describing a noun. This is an exception only since högsta domstolen is the name of the institution, so högsta is grammatically speaking part of the noun rather than an adjective describing it.


Thanks for explaining!

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Domaren arbetar "i" högsta domstolen?


Jag skulle säga i. På låter märkligt. Man kan säga på tingsrätten, men det heter i hovrätten och i högsta domstolen.


We accept and vid but i I'd argue is flat out wrong, unless you mean inside.


Högsta domstolen använder själv i: http://www.hogstadomstolen.se/Arbeta-pa-Hogsta-domstolen/Justitierad/ The Swedish High Court chooses "i", so I dare say it is certainly not "flat out wrong". By the way, I teach Swedish at upper high school (gymnasiet).


That link does not support your argument. You är domare i Högsta domstolen, yes, but you wouldn't arbeta i Högsta domstolen unless you meant the physical building. They're different things. Formally speaking, the court works as an entity in a similar manner as a corporation would. Hence, arbeta i Högsta domstolen sounds like e.g. arbeta i Saab would.

I am also a native with credentials related to teaching Swedish - let's not use those to support our claims. I'm only replying in English because learners have asked me to, since some feel it facilitates their learning.


You work i skolan because it refers to a nonspecific.

That link also says that people ARE [profession] in the supreme court, not that they WORK in the supreme court. The same goes for journalists, they don't WORK in Svenska dagbladet, they ARE journalists in Svenska dagbladet.


Din jämförelse med Saab haltar. Ibland används faktiskt i i stället för på när det gäller arbetsplatser: i kyrkan, i skolan, i vården ... faktiskt också på namngivna arbetsplatser. Man kan jobba som journalist på Expressen, men i Svenska Dagbladet.

För att återgå till domare, eller justitieråd som domarna i HD kallas, så används i om ett justitieråd av advokatsamfundet också: https://www.advokatsamfundet.se/for-advokater/Advokat-i-framtiden/Fem-fragor-till/Alla-Fem-fragor/Fem-fragor-till-Kerstin-Calissendorff/

Därmed lämnar jag diskussionen.

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