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Can the flag be any shade of blue...?

So on Duolingo the flag is sky blue, I've seen pictures of real life where it is royal blue, and on wikipedia seems to be a darker blue than duolingo but not royal blue.

So can the flag be any color of blue? Is there a certain blue? Anyone have the hex code lol?

February 1, 2015



Well the law defines it as NCS colour 4055-R95B for the blue, and 0580-Y10R for the yellow. If your monitor is calibrated properly, that should look like this:

svenska flaggan


Art of heraldry in general tends to frown on shades, one should avoid using concepts like light blue or navy blue, blue is blue is blue.

But as mentioned above, the law has some ideas of its own.


Someone should update the duolingo flag icon to the proper colours :)


Can we start a petition pls.


No - it is not any blue.


Why is it turquoise on here and a medium blue in real life?...

I understand it now, but like they should change it.

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