"The new house resembled the old one."

Translation:Det nya huset liknade det gamla.

February 1, 2015

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[deactivated user]

    Why isn't it "Det nytt huset"?


    It is "ett nytt hus", but for the definite form it becomes "det nya huset":

    en ny bil - den nya bilen
    ett nytt hus - det nya huset
    flera nya cyklar - de nya cyklarna


    You have to put the adjective in the definite form as well, which is nya.


    Why not... Liknade det gamla ett?


    I'm curious too!!


    I guess that it is simply automatically understood to refer back to “det huset”, without a placeholder as it would be applied in English, lest because of the case in which “det gamla” is.


    I still don't understand when you use definite form or what that even means.


    The definitive form means there's a reference to a specific thing, not any one of a thing. For example, "the house" is definitive while "a house" is not.

    In English, adjectives and nouns don't change when they are definitive, but in Swedish they do. So it's "the new house" and "a new house" in English, but "det nya huset" and "ett nytt hus" in Swedish.


    Would ser ut som work here instead of liknade?


    The English has one at the end, so I added ett and was marked incorrect. Did I use the wrong word, or is it simply unnecessary to the point of incorrectness in Swedish?

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