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  5. "What is her address?"

"What is her address?"

Translation:Cad é a seoladh?

February 1, 2015



"Cén seoladh atá aici?" is a a perfectly acceptable way to ask "What is her address?" and should be accepted here. If anything, "Cad é a seoladh?" sounds more like you're probing the idea of "What concept underlies her address?"


i just wrote the same answer! It is defo acceptable1

[deactivated user]

    What's the difference between using "cad é" and using " cad atá"?


    Interrogatives such as cad include an implicit copula. A more literal translation of this sentence would be “What is it, her address?”, with the implied copula corresponding to “is”. An atá isn’t needed for a simple question like this sentence.


    Or céard atá for that matter. I don't ever get it right using céard or cad atá, it only accepts cad é


    I know I will sound dumb for asking this, but why is seoladh not lenited in this case?


    It's not dumb at all! Nouns are lenited after 'a' when it means 'his', not 'her':

    His address: a sheoladh
    Her address: a seoladh
    Their address: a seoladh (if the noun started with b, c, d, f, g, p or t it'd be eclipsed after 'their')

    For more, see https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10995361


    Why 'é' for 'her' and not 'í'?


    a is "her".

    Don't confuse the pronoun "her" (the masculine equivalent is "him") with the possessive adjective "her" (the masculine equivalent is "his").

    chonaic mé í/é - "I saw her/him"
    a seoladh/sheoladh - "her/his address")


    I think the “é” refers to the address, not to the woman.


    Cad, Ca, Ceard, etc. I have no idea what the difference is.


    See here to learn the differences between them.


    Ok, thank you very much for trying to help me unfortunately, as usual, that was way, way beyond my ability to understand.


    I used cad for "what" in the last exercise and It was corrected to "cen". I used "cen" in this exercise and it was corrected to "cad" I can't win!


    Cén seoladh atá intí. Is this not acceptable


    If by "her" you meant a building, you might conceivably say that, but it would not be a natural translation of this exercise.


    Cén fáth nach nglactar le 'céard'?

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