"Vi köper en leksak till barnet."

Translation:We buy a toy for the child.

February 1, 2015



I like this language, it is relatively easy i think, but man... 'för' 'till' 'på' and 'i' have too many meanings!

February 1, 2015


That they do, tho I am learning this example. When you are buying a gift, it's always "till", as in the above example. When you are performing for an audience, it is "för" (Han sjungar för oss). When you are doing someone a favor, it is "åt" (Kocken lagar mat åt oss). I'm sure there are other examples, but these are the three I have learned so far.

March 29, 2015


I've found a very interesting article about these prepositions http://www.thelocal.se/blogs/theswedishteacher/2010/10/12/at-till-eller-for/.

It is clear but difficult to use them.

August 22, 2016


That blog has been an essential tool for me in learning Swedish!

August 23, 2016


Tack så mycket Det är klart nu :)

August 6, 2016


Prepositions are hard in every language. I still struggle with prepositions in English sometimes after 15 years, so it’s not exclusive to Swedish.

February 1, 2015


Leksak = leker+sak = play+thing = toy

December 24, 2015


Exactly, and 'plaything' is another word for toy yet Duolingo likes it not!

April 15, 2019


Added it to this sentence now.

April 15, 2019


In Dutch the word 'leksak' sounds wrong

May 18, 2016


In German too

March 27, 2018


Why am I being corrected to "buy 1 toy for the child"?

September 14, 2018


Because we accept "one" and Duolingo thinks it's being helpful.

September 14, 2018


The word 'bairn' is in common use for child in large parts of north-east England, and all of eastern Scotland. It is in the dictionary so I think it should be accepted.

July 4, 2015


The way Duolingo works, sometimes any accepted translation is shown as the correct one should someone get it wrong. Bairn would terribly confuse a learner of English, and many/most native English speakers too. Besides, the moderators have to hand code every variation. So just go with the most “vanilla” English in most cases. Nothing wrong with “child”, it’s universal. We’re learning Swedish here right?

August 12, 2018
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