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Is it possible to learn 2 very different sets of languages with the same account ?

Hi dears ! Here is my example: i would like to learn Italian from French, and learn German from English.... That would be awesome ! I have tried without any success... Thank you ! Johan

February 1, 2015



You can go here to add the Italian from French course, and use the same page later to switch back and forth between that and German from English. While you're doing one of the courses, the progress from the other will be hidden from your profile, but when you switch back it'll still be there.

If you wish, you can install this user script to make switching between the two courses a little easier. :)


That script is awesome... Thank you Deliciae ! Are you also learning latin with that name :D ?


Thank you, but the thanks really should go to the one who wrote it. I find it very helpful as well. :)

I used to know quite a bit of Latin, but alas; that was a previous life. I would definitely take it up again were it offered on Duolingo though!


... indeed, i think this idea of bringing back latin should be spread... Europe is missing it :) ....


I would love to have latin as well, here, in duo


I really wish they'd fix it so you didn't have to change the site language to learn from different ones


i believe that it should work but i only am doing one so....... yeah. Adios.

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