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Swedish pronunciation?

I have read that the spoken Swedish on this course is not brilliant. I am a total Swedish newb, so some questions about that:

  1. How off is the pronunciation? (5%, 50%, 80%...?)

(If the pronunciation is basically right but oddly accented, then that's fine - as a new learner, my pronunciation is going to be a bit weird and I'll correct myself the more Swedes I talk with, but I don't want to learn major mistakes)

  1. How long will the problem take to be resolved?

Essentially I am enjoying Duolingo a lot, but worrying that I am learning bad habits from the start.

February 1, 2015



The prosody is a bit off, but that's inevitable with a computer voice I guess and I have noticed that with other TTS:s on Duolingo as well. Then, there are some words that just are completely wrong. It's hard to tell the percentage though and I guess it's easy to overestimate the number since you get upset :).

I think you should go on with the course anyway. You can always have a look in the discussion thread that comes with each sentence, since normally there is a note and a link to forvo whenever the TTS is not correct.


Thank you - this is good advice.


I live in Sweden and am therefore fairly used to hearing Swedish spoken, and for the majority of the time, have no problems understanding the TTS. There are some very laughable exceptions though, but on the whole, I think it is great!


Thank you :) It's so hard to tell, as a non-speaker, whether it's occasional errors, or if it's genuinely useless.


It's mostly fine, but it always pronounces “de”, meaning they, like it is written, althoug it is really pronounced “dom” (with a short o).


I'm Swedish and I think the TTS is mostly okay. There are some errors and some nuances that are lost, so as with every other language you have to listen to actual recordings as well. Please keep in mind that Swedish has lexical intonation for some words so the only difference in pronunciation between anden (the spirit) and anden (the duck) (or tomten (Santa Claus) and tomten (the lot)) is the melody. http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordaccent Swedish also has phrasal intonation and intonation for stressing particular words in a sentence (not very many languages have all three of these) so listen carefully :)


To learn more about the Swedish pitch accent you can listen to this Blehg video.

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