"The rabbit drinks water."

Translation:El conejo bebe agua.

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I used google translate and got it wrong

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but i do too

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Why not coneja instead of conejo?

5 years ago

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Some animals can take on the feminine gender, but not all. Some examples of those that can are below:

Other animals whose grammatical gender follow this pattern for male/female are the deer (el ciervo/la cierva) and the wolf (el lobo/la loba).

If you haven't already read this, the female word for "dog" (in English) is a word that begins with the letter "b." In most situations, it is probably best not to use it. The same is true for the female equivalent of "el perro." If you really need to convey that a dog is female, you can always say, "el perro hembra" ("hembra" means "female"). A similar sort of thing goes on with the Spanish word for "rabbit." The female equivalent of "el conejo" can be a derogatory term for a woman. Again, if you really need to convey that you are referring to a female rabbit, you can say "el conejo hembra."

Some only slightly change such as "el león" (lion) / "la leona" (lioness) and “el tigre” (tiger) / “la tigresa” (tigress).

I don't want to repeat myself, so I won't add more here, but I also posted a reply in another thread that may be of benefit to you. The link to it is below:

El león.
The comment I'm referring to is in the last quarter of this thread.


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why sometimes you say bebe el agua and sometimes bebe agua?

5 years ago


"bebe el agua" translates into drinks THE water, where "bebe agua" translates to drinks water.

3 years ago


Indicated that the translation for "drinks water" should have been "toma agua" rather than the correct "bebe agua."

4 years ago


If you were to say "toma agua" , it would mean " have water". Where as "bebe agua" means "drinks water" and therefore is correct. Thewolfgirl7 was correct.

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Can somone donate lingots to me? I am poor :(

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