"Usually we cook ourselves."

Translation:Oftast lagar vi mat själva.

February 1, 2015

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He he he! "Usually we cook ourselves." As opposed to cooking the guests, I presume? :)


Is "oftast lagar vi mat själva" also open to this interpretation? If not, how would you say that we cook ourselves (as opposed to more conventional food) in Swedish?


I'm certain it can't be taken as that way in Swedish using that sentence structure (you specifically say lagar mat, and I don't think själva is used as an object here, wouldn't it need to be oss?), but I'm not sure how we would write that. I'm looking at the wikipedia page for Hänsel and Gretel in swedish...

>När häxan planerar att laga till barnen i ugnen...

>When the witch plans to cook the children in the oven...

Oftast lagar vi oss själva? Oftast lagar vi till oss själva? I'm not sure.


A case of the masochistic cannibals?


"Brukar laga vi mat själva" - does this not make sense?


No, it doesn't. With brukar, the word order would be Vi brukar laga mat själva. The verb needs to be in 2nd place in normal Swedish sentences (= that are not subclauses or questions).


Why can't one say "Vi brukar oftast laga mat själva" just like "Han brukar oftast har gröna kläder på sig?"


What's the difference between vanligen och vanligtvis?


Do we HAVE to swap verb and subject here? Isn't "Oftast vi lagar mat själva" acceptable too?


We don't really 'swap' verb and subject, it's just that the verb is always in second place. So either you can have the subject first and the verb second: Vi lagar oftast …  or you can have the adverb first and the verb second: Oftast lagar vi … but the verb stays put.


So would this be more accurately translated to Usually we cook for ourselves?


my answer: "vi brukar att laga mat själva" was marked wrong, why?


See Arnauti's reply above. "Vi brukar laga mat själva" is accepted, so just drop the "att".


What's wrong with "brukar"?

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