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Anyway to buy multiple streak freezes?

I'm going on a cruise this summer and I do not want to pay for Carnival's Wifi. A few ports may have Wifi, but I can't be for sure. Is there anyway I can buy multiple streak freezes that way in case it is a few days in between I can keep my streak.

Or a great feature might be to be where users can choose to automatically spend 10 lingots if a day is missed until/unless all lingots are spent

February 1, 2015


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Unfortunately you can buy just one at a time.


Where are you going on your cruise?

I went on a short cruise this winter, and in my one stop, in Mexico, I was easily able to find WiFi. You should ask one of the cruise members for a place to go. Although they have some access to on ship WiFi, it is very slow. When they get into port, those who can usually stop by a WiFi place. Your best option would be to ask the entertainment staff, as they get the most free time off the ship.


lost my streak again too ... I wish there was a method to freeze


That happened to me when I went to Mexico. I did okay until the day comming back and they didn't have us booked on a flight and we were taken all over Mexico just trying to get back to Texas. I had about 32 days going and lost it all. So disappointing. But, I guess I may not be slated for the golden owl hall of fame. I definitely don't want to stop taking a vacation, and God forbid if there is a death in the family.


It wouldn't be the end of the world, I'll be over 200 days by then and would love to hit a year streak, but not the end of the world

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